Rum Cake for the Jamacian Weather

TheCaramelSins-CaramelCake1Adventures in Rum Cake

I have the day off from my full time job and I’m making a Rum cake for my boss’s birthday tomorrow. Seems fitting for this hot and more humid than usual weather. I have never baked anything with Rum before and have only tasted it in drinks. Wow the batter is amazing and the smell in my kitchen is making me feel warm all over.  Can’t wait to taste it tomorrow. I hope it turns out ok!

I’m knitting a scarf to pass the time until the cake is done. I feel like channeling Martha Stewart today. I may even tend my garden. She would be proud of my use of time. I have a steaming cup of dark roast coffee to sip while I knit and wait. A little change from caramel making. That is constant movement for about 1  hour.

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2 thoughts on “Rum Cake for the Jamacian Weather”

  1. Hi Cathy,
    I would like more information on your rum cake and caramels. This may be the perfect holiday gift for our family.

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